Anthrax (Diseases and Disorders) by Barbara Saffer

By Barbara Saffer

Discusses the affliction and its prevention in animals and the way to reply to anthrax bioweapons.

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For the trials, the army used Bacillus globigii. This is a common, relatively harmless bacteria, with particle size and dispersal characteristics similar to anthrax. During the army’s trials cluster bombs loaded with Bacillus globigii were dropped on St. Louis, Missouri; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Winnipeg, Canada. From these tests, scientists tried to estimate the amount of anthrax needed to destroy the populations of Soviet cities like Kiev, Leningrad, and Moscow. S. ; Key West, Florida; Panama City, Florida; and parts of Alaska and Hawaii.

20 Preventing and Treating Anthrax 45 Adverse Reactions to Human Anthrax Vaccine Information about adverse, or unfavorable, reactions to human vaccination in the United States is reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a joint program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Since 1990 VAERS has received over 120,000 reports from a variety of sources, including vaccine manufacturers, health care providers, state immunization programs, and vaccine recipients.

Sterne’s vaccine, which was more stable and safer than Pasteur’s vaccine, proved very effective. Hence, the Sterne vaccine—and vaccines derived from it—are used all over the world today. For maximum protection animals must receive two injections of the Sterne vaccine, two weeks apart, followed by a yearly booster shot. Because the live-spore vaccine must germinate and grow in the vaccinated animal’s body to provide protection, immunity takes from seven to fourteen days to develop. There, however, are some safety concerns associated with the Sterne vaccine.

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