America's Kingdom: Mythmaking on the Saudi Oil Frontier by Robert Vitalis

By Robert Vitalis

America's Kingdom debunks the various myths that now encompass the United States's "special dating" with Saudi Arabia, or what's much less reverently referred to as "the deal": oil for safeguard. Taking target on the long-held trust that the Arabian American Oil corporation, ARAMCO, made miracles take place within the wasteland, Robert Vitalis exhibits that not anything should be farther from the reality. what's real is that oil led the U.S. govt to keep on with the corporate to the dominion. Eisenhower agreed to coach Ibn Sa'ud's military, Kennedy despatched jets to shield the dominion, and Lyndon Johnson offered it missiles. Oil and ARAMCO quick turned America's greatest unmarried in a foreign country inner most enterprise.

Beginning with the institution of a Jim Crow method within the Dhahran oil camps within the Thirties, the ebook is going directly to research the interval of unrest within the Nineteen Fifties and Sixties whilst employees challenged the racial hierarchy of the ARAMCO camps whereas a small cadre of revolutionary Saudis challenged the hierarchy of the foreign oil marketplace. The defeat of those teams ended in the consolidation of America's state below the home of Fahd, the royal faction that also ideas today.

This is a gripping tale that covers greater than seventy years, 3 continents, and an engrossing solid of characters. educated by way of first hand bills from ARAMCO staff and most sensible U.S. executive officers, this publication deals the genuine tale of the occasions at the Saudi oil fields. After America's Kingdom, mythmakers should paintings tougher on their stories approximately ARAMCO being magical, honorable, selfless, and enlightened.

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In 1916. under the banner of the Arab nationalist movement. though. 922.. The oil Saudis seemed to be moving in the opposite direction. or amalgamated Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 19J2. One is that the juridical status accorded his newly independent countries did little to alter the reality of the king's dependence on the British or the fact that the British state had more influence over its client. Ibn Saud. than Ibn Saud did over his own dependencies. ai-Rasa and Ask Most crucial is that Ibn Saud never attempted war against his British-allied rivals in Jordan and Iraq for the territories he claimed were his own.

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