American Indian Medicine by Virgil J. Vogel

By Virgil J. Vogel

The aim of this e-book, says the writer, is to teach the impression of Indian medicinal practices on white civilization. truly it achieves way more. It discusses Indian theories of illness and techniques of battling ailment or even is going into the query of which illnesses have been indigenous and that have been dropped at the Indian through the white guy. It additionally lists Indian medicines that experience received attractiveness within the Pharmacopeia of the USA and the nationwide Formulary.The impression of yank Indian therapeutic arts at the drugs and therapeutic and pharmacology of the white guy was once substantial. for instance, such medicines as insulin and penicillin have been expected in rudimentary shape by means of the aborigines. Coca leaves have been used as narcotics via Peruvian Indians thousands of years prior to Carl Koller first used cocaine as a neighborhood anesthetic in 1884. All jointly, approximately a hundred and seventy medicinal drugs, generally botanical, have been contributed to the legit compendia via Indians north of the Rio Grande, approximately 50 extra coming from natives of the Latin-American and Caribbean regions.Impressions and attitudes of early explorers, settlers, physicians, botanists, and others concerning Indian healing practices are mentioned through realms, with British, French, and Spanish colonies and the younger usa individually treated.Indian theories of disease—sorcery, taboo violation, spirit intrusion, soul loss, unfulfilled goals and needs, and so forth -and shamanistic practices used to wrestle them are defined. equipment of treating all types of injuries-from fractures to snakebite-and even surgical procedure are incorporated. The effect of Indian therapeutic lore upon folks or family drugs, in addition to at the "Indian medical professionals" and patent medicinal drugs, are mentioned. For the benefit of the reader, an index of botanical names is supplied, including a wide selection of illustrations. The disproportionate recognition that has been given to the superstitious and unscientific good points of aboriginal drugs has tended to imprecise its genuine contributions to American civilization.

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They hold nothing so precious that they would not readily deprive themselves of it for the sake of a dream. . 28 It was firmly believed that whatever a person saw in a dream revealed desires which must be fulfilled in order to cure sickness. The Jesuit Relations contain several descriptions of the acting out of demands imposed by dreams. In a report from the Onondaga country in 1676, we are told that medicine men persuaded the parents of a sick girl that she had seen nine feasts in dreams, and that if they gave these feasts she would be cured.

For they think that there are in every man certain inborn desires, often unknown to themselves, upon which the happiness of individuals depends. ), Jesuit Relations, XLIII, 292-93. ), Indian Tribes, 112; Franz Boas, "Current Beliefs of the Kwakiutl Indians," Journal of American Folk-Lore, Vol. XLV, No. 176 (April-June, 1932), 181. ), Jesuit Relations, I, 259. Page 21 by adroit questioning. Dreams therefore occupied an important place in the disease theory of these tribes. Of the Hurons, Father Jean de Brebeuf related: The dream is the oracle that all these poor Peoples consult and listen to, the Prophet which predicts to them future events, the Cassandra which warns them of misfortunes that threaten them, the usual Physician in their sicknesses, the Esculapius and Galen of the whole Country,the most absolute master they have.

Several derivatives and by-products are sometimes listed as separate drugs. Different varieties and species are sometimes listed separately, and at other times under one pharmaceutical name. Various parts of a plant (fruit, flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, trunk bark, root bark) are sometimes official at different times. Pharmaceutical names are sometimes changed, and there has been occasional confusion over the identity of species. There is also some disagreement concerning the place of origin of some plant species.

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