Allen & Mike's Really Cool Telemark Tips by Allen O'Bannon, Mike Clelland

By Allen O'Bannon, Mike Clelland

Over a hundred assistance for rookies and specialists seeking to increase their telemark snowboarding. packed with humorous & functional illustrations.

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It can be anything: a tree, a lump of snow or your partner. Make sure it is directly down the fall line and ski toward it. Keep more than your eyes on itfocus your entire upper body on it. Think about hugging it. Of course it's advised that you stop or pick another object to focus on once you get close. Otherwise you might ski into it. 64 Do a run with loose boots Dare yourself to do this. You need to perfectly center yourself over your skis. No cheating allowed. This demands that you find the sweet spot over your skis.

The fall line 6 Beginner Tips 6. The stance 7 7. Be above your skis 8 8. Falling down 9 9. The tele-shuffle 10 10. Transition 11 11. The turn 12 12. The patience turn 12 13. Tele-circle 14 14. How they turn 15 15. Keep your skis snugged together 16 16. Crossing the fall line 17 17. Sidecut 18 18. Sit on your heels 19 19. Knee to the ski 20 20. Tuck your knee in 21 21. Touch the snow 23 22. Feel the tongue 24 23. Let your tip kiss your binding 24 24. Airplane wings 25 25. Toy train tracks 25 Weighting/Unweighting 26.

This keeps your knees close together and under your body, which is what you want. Page 22 21 Touch the snow This simple drill works great to get your body facing downhill. Allow yourself to sink into a nice low position; then, with your uphill hand, reach down and touch the snow on the downhill side of your skis. You can hold that finger Page 23 there and scribe a line while you do a long traverse. (If you're new to telemarking and this feels like too much, practice first by using your downhill hand instead of your uphill hand.

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