Addiction. The Brain Disease by Hannah Carlson M.Ed.LPC

By Hannah Carlson M.Ed.LPC

Young grownup consultant to the actual, emotional, social, mental illness of dependancy. what's habit? dependancy to ingredients, behaviors, to the self. Self-tests: own tales. therapy and restoration. Dictionary of addictions and meanings.

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But what might begin as an ordinary pleasure or an experiment can turn into a compulsion so irresistible it wrecks a life. An addictive behavior might also start, not from a pleasure, but from anxiety, from nervousness. Obsessive habits grow out of ordinary activities. Checking a couple of times that your spelling is correct, that everything is in its right place in your room, that your hands are clean and your hair exactly where it’s supposed to be is normal. Checking over and over and over again can come from anxiety over having to do things and to have things just right.

At first, an extra beer during the day helped. Then a can of beer was necessary every two or three hours. One day as she was buying food and diapers and the usual beer, her mind’s eye remembered a nearby package store with Smirnoff vodka sale signs pasted in the window. D. cards they had both used for years. There was never a buying problem. And she had gotten really good at hiding bottles, the full vodka bottles at the back of drawers, on closet floors, and the empties in laundry baskets to be left eventually in supermarket recycling bins.

This creates a physical, psychological, emotional dependence on a drug. The physical need is biochemical. The psychological, or mental, emotional need, is obsessive. The desperate need for the drug grows irresistible, whether that drug is alcohol, heroin, marijuana laced or unlaced, methamphetamine, or cocaine. Other brain chemistry disorders—depression, bipolar disease, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)—can sometimes create a need for addictive substances, especially if they aren’t treated.

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