A woman's skin by David M. Stoll

By David M. Stoll

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This answer isif you are not taking in enough nutrients to stay healthy. Page 22 There are charts that relate gender, height, and body build to what is purported to be an ideal or "normal" weight. But the weights given in these charts are based on just a few characteristics of the people they studied. In reality, the healthiest weight for each of us can be influenced by factors not considered in those studies. Thus, such charts should only be used as rough guides. Instead, each individual adult, perhaps with help from her physician, should determine what weight is best for her overall well-being.

To get more insight into this subject, I contacted Dr. Martin Katahn. Many of you know him as the author of the best-selling diet books The T-Factor Diet and The Rotation Diet. He is also the director of the obesity clinic at my alma mater, Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. I asked if he had seen any skin effects in the people who followed his diets. Did acne get better? Did dandruff get worse? His answer to both questions was no. But he has noticed dry skin and cracked lips when people consumed less than twenty grams of fat per day.

Or taken at various ages. Or from one individual to the next. So, what's the difference? Throughout this book, I will be noting specific differences between women's skin and men's, and what the consequences are for your health and skin care. But I want to start by pointing out the general differences and when and how those differences arise. I find it useful to classify them under three broad categories: structural, sexual, and social. It's in the social and sexual categories where most of the significant practical and functional differences show up.

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