A Tribute to F.R.N. Nabarro by John P. Hirth

By John P. Hirth

New types for dislocation constitution and movement are offered for nanocrystals, nucleation at grain barriers, surprised crystals, interphase interfaces, quasicrystals, advanced buildings with non-planar dislocation cores, and colloidal crystals. A evaluation of experimentally demonstrated major gains of the magnetoplastic influence with their actual interpretation explains many various result of this sort. The version has many strength purposes for forming approaches encouraged by way of magnetic fields.

• Dislocation version for the magnetoplastic effect
• New mechanism for dislocation nucleation and movement in nanocrystals
• New versions for the dislocation constitution of interfaces among crystals with differing crystallographic structure
• A unified view of dislocations in quasicrystals, with a brand new version for dislocation motion
• A basic version of dislocation habit in crystals with non-planar dislocation cores
• Dislocation homes at excessive velocities
• Dislocations in colloidal crystals

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