A Treasury of Science by Harlow Shapley, Samuel Rapport, Helen Wright

By Harlow Shapley, Samuel Rapport, Helen Wright


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Hence you have the scientific that which I hypothesis; and with which its value will be proportionate to the care and completeness basis has been tested and verified. It is in these matters as in its commonest affairs of practical life: the guess of the fool will be folly, while the guess of the wise man will contain wisdom. In all cases, you see that the value of the result depends on the patience and faithfulness with the which the investigator applies verification. . to his hypothesis every possible kind of .

Must depend if These men by training express themselves in factual, "extensional" terms, which don't make for good adventure stories. " And AND THE SCIENTIST then what they have seen and done lacks validity to them if it cannot be told in relation to the purpose and dominant emotion which sent them there. McGarnigle went among the independent Indians of Icaiche because he had heard of a skull kept in one of their temples which, from a crude description, seemed to have certain important characteristics.

There was no hue or after me. Evidently cry. I their glanced over hands were my shoulder to full, see if they were and they didn't know I had gone. had gone; and was ready to drop over the high board fence, when it occurred to me that I might drop into a policeman's arms. Hanging my pail in a splint on top of a post, I peered cautiously over a very wise thing to do before you jump a high board fence. There, crossing the open square toward the station, was a big, burly fellow with a club "But I looking for me.

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