A Strategic Opening Repertoire by John Donaldson, Philip Peterson

By John Donaldson, Philip Peterson

This re-creation of A Strategic commencing Repertoire is either revised and accelerated. The traces awarded right here – according to 1. Nf3, 2.c4 and 3.g3 – will serve a participant good all through his profession as they're in accordance with sturdy positional rules with an emphasis on realizing instead of memorizing.

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0-0 b6?! e3 4)bd7 This seems more accurate than 4 . . e6 as Black retains the option of 5 ... e5. After 4 ... d4 is unc lear, Grivas­ Mastrovasilis, Athens 200 1 ) 7 ... Ae2 � e8 (8 . . 4Je4!? 4Jxe4 dxe4 1 0 . 4Jc4 is unclear, Grivas-Khenkin, Alban i a 1 9 9 6 ; 8 . . a6 9 . 0-0 dxc4 1 0 . b x c4 c5 1 1 . a4 'iffe7 1 3 . a 5 e4 1 4 . 4Jd 2 4Jf8 1 5 . 4Jc4 4Jg4 the position is unclear, Grivas-Mastrovasilis, Thessaloniki 1 998. �c2 9 . . § e8 or 9 . . a6 was to be preferred. The move . . b6 is good when White has already played d4.

E{xc8 # 1-0 The text move "forced" Black to resign, when in fact he could have saved himself by 29 . . §. xa2!. White could have won by 29 . §. �a4! (the u sual deflection) 30 . . §. x g2+ (30 . . §. �b5! §. xbS (29 . . c6 30 . §. �f2; 29 . . §. �c8+1 E! x c8 (37) Leonhardt - Fahrni Carlsbad 1 9 1 1 (D) Under normal circumstances Black should have won here, but it is White on the move and there exists a back rank problem because of the g6-pawn . 49 Chess Analytics 42:{�·xe4? (39) Crouch Speelman Hastings 1 992 (D) - The correct idea but incorrect ex­ ecution!

A4! ± . 16. §a4! ild6 as in Galkin-Yemelin, St Petersburg 1 994, when Black's attack is strong. 12 ... E{f4! f5 Black was lost anyway: 22 ... �e3 +- . exf6 e5 24. �d3! 1-0 Black resigned as he will not survive long: 24 . . f7+. (18) Chiburdanidze - Grivas Athens 1 984 Ruy Lopez [C84] Black is about to conclude his plan, so White must act. b4? But not like that! 17 . ilg5! oo was White's only acceptable move. 4:)e2 Ad6 ••. 1 8 . a x b4 �c7! And Black's attack is strong as all his forces are well focused on the white king.

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