A rock-solid chess opening repertoire for black by Viacheslav Eingorn

By Viacheslav Eingorn

Playing as Black in a online game of chess may be tricky. Do you just attempt to neutralize White's initiative, or move all-out to complicate the sport? both manner, there are various pitfalls, and many research can be needed.

In this e-book, Grandmaster Eingorn indicates that it really is attainable either to play solidly, and to take White out of his convenience sector. He recommends principles and move-orders which are a bit off the overwhelmed song, yet which he has very conscientiously labored out over decades of his personal perform. The repertoire, according to enjoying 1...e6, is strikingly artistic and may attract those that desire a enjoyable lifestyles as Black. you'll get each likelihood to illustrate your chess abilities, and are impossible to be blown off the board by way of a pointy ready line. All you would like is a versatile technique, and a willingness to attempt out new constructions and concepts. Eingorn's sophisticated move-orders are relatively potent if White refuses to select up the gauntlet, as Black can then use his hold up in taking part in ...Nf6 to sturdy impression and take the struggle on to his opponent.

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That set the Ruy Lopez οη its way to becoming a respected opening. One of the first occasions where it was successfully used was the match between Eugene Rousseau and Charles Stanley ίη New Orleans 1845, where Rousseau employed it three times to score two and a half points. ΒΥ the end of the 1840s, the 'King of Openings' posed a serious threat and players united to find an antidote. Help eventually arrived from the Pleiades, a group of chess players from Berlin consisting of the German masters Ludwig Erdmann Bledow, Paul Rudolph νοη Bilguer, Bernhard Horwitz, Wilhelm Hanstein, Tassilo νοη Heydebrand und der Lasa, Carl Mayet and Karl Schom.

For the moment Ι am not sure about the exact way to equalize, and this is probably the line which White should play if he wants to try for an adνantage. 16 ... Be4! This is an important moνe which νacates the f5-square for Black's queen. 17 Be3 Na5! Α strong noνelty, which is based οη a positional queen sacrifice after which Black will aim to construct a fortress. Preνiously 17... Bologan, Dortmund (blitz) 2004, and now after 18 Nd2 Bg6, 19 Qa4!? deserνes attention. 18 c4 NXC4! 19 Bxc4 QXC4 20 Nd2 Qd5 21 Nxe4 Qxe4 22 Bg5 Qxe1+ 23 Qxe1 Bxg5 (Diagram 7) 60 5: Α Counterattack, but a Bad One Α critical position.

Nh6 is the other move to protect f7. After 7 d4 d6 8 Nd3 Staunton analysed 8... f3 9 gxf3 Be710 Be3 Bxh4+ 11 Kd2 gxf312 Qxf3 Bg4 13 Qf4, assessing the position with 'White has the freer game but Black keeps the pawn'. 7 d4 d6 8 Nd3 After consu1ting many sources οη the King's Gambit, it seems that after 8 Nxf7 Rxf79 Bxf7+ Kxf7 10 Bxf4 (Diagram 4) theory' s ορίηίοη of White' s attacking chances is generally quite positive. Diagram 4 (Β) Diagram 5 (Β) Ιη slight contrast to both Joe Gallagher and Paul Keres ('White gets a monstrous attack'), Korchnoi and Zak ίη their King's Gambit adopt a more modest tone considering White's attack 'difficult to meet'.

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