A ferocious opening repertoire by Cyrus Lakdawala

By Cyrus Lakdawala

Cyrus Lakdawala offers an competitive commencing repertoire, according to the Veresov establishing. This repertoire is ideal in the event you have little time for examine yet take pleasure in taking rivals out in their convenience zones.

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FS with good play) 11 . . d6 13 c£jd2 ( M arkov - Har­ din, Peterburg 1 89S) and now 13 . . fS! would be strong as on 1 4 g 4? there fol l ow s 14 . . cxd4! with the advantage. b) 8 ... e6, leading to a position from Cardoso Boey , w hich is examined in the notes to Black's sev­ enth move) 9 . . �hS! and the threat of 10 .. g. d7 1 1 4:)b4 aS, 1 0 g 4 4Jxg4! xg4! - i n a l l cases with a Black advantage. f4 4:)dS 1 2 �xe 4 4:)xf4 13 �xf4 0-0-0 with good compen­ sation for the pawn) 10 .

E2 cijeS-+) 8 . . a4 exd3 11 �xd3 cijeS+ Suchting Teichmann , Vienna 1908. e7 (after 7 . . d4 Lasker recommends 8 4Jxe4 {8 4Jb1 exd3 9 �xd3 �e7+ 10 �e2 [ 10 'Jid1 c[)e4 ] tO . . a,gs o-o-o 12 {Jd2 �e8! + Janowski - Marshal l , match 190S } 8 . . gS 0-0= Capablanca - Marsh­ a l l , matc h , New York 1909 . e7 8 g4 0-0 (8 . . gS!? l,xc6? lg 1 as in the analogous King's Gambi t position) 9 . . gS �b8 12 �bt cS+ Rosenfeld Mars ha l l , New York 19to. Retu rni ng to the position after 6 c[)gS 6 dS 6 .

D5 �xe3! and Black wins, Meski - Lelch­ uk, j urmala 1980. g4 (possi ble is 8 . . xf3 12 gxf3 �d7 ( Mikenas - Tol­ ush, Moscow 1957) lead to good play for Black , best is 9 4Jd5!? when 9 . . xd5 �f8 keeps it level. e) 8 4Jd5 4:Jxe4!? 1 . . xc6+ \f;ilf8 ! d5 1 5 �c3 h6) 12 . . a 6 1 3 tha4 bxc6 14 thxcb �b8. b7 19 4Jd2 �f8=F Instead of 8 . . 4Jxe4, possible i s 8 . 0-0 9 4JgS �h8 ! xf4 4Jxf4, Black had a winning position, Mark Tseitli n - Arbakov , Gomel 1984. e6 17 4jdl �f6+ S hish marev Yudasin, Leni ngrad 1 973) 9 .

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