A Closing Call’s Impact On Market Quality At Euronext Paris by Pagano And Schwartz

By Pagano And Schwartz

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Has a developing understanding of a range of different theatrical genres and styles. Understands how different theatre styles use particular signs, symbols and metaphors to communicate meaning. Understands how meaning in drama is created through the integration of form and content. Has an emerging awareness of the social and historical context of some theatre forms. STRUCTURE Will be aware of a wide range of structural possibilities in different genres of drama. Will be skilful at manipulating structural elements when planning dramas of their own.

Describe some drama you have created that was based on fact. What problems did you face? How did you overcome them? Unit 4: Next Stop . . High School • • Describe how you used stereotypes and stock characters in your work. Is drama a good way of teaching things to people? Why not just ‘tell them’? Unit 5: Lilliput • • This drama works through the use of analogy – by creating a parallel situation, which at first seems strange but which is similar to real life in some ways. Can you think of other uses of this technique in TV, film or stage drama?

An open top sports car . . The Mouse in the Bottle A couple were eating in a meal in a café. They ordered a well-know fizzy drink to go with their food. When the drinks arrived, they both took a deep swig straight from the bottle. The woman’s drink tasted a little funny, so she drank some more to check. She then passed it to her partner to taste. He handed it back saying that it did indeed taste a bit strange. The woman took one last swig and, as the bottle tipped up, she was horrified to see half a dead mouse floating in the almost finished bottle.

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