A Bitangential Interpolation Problem on the Closed Unit Ball by Ball J.A., Bolotnikov V.

By Ball J.A., Bolotnikov V.

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2. The kernel KF defined below is positive on Bd : IE∗ − F (z)F (w)∗ 0 (z, w ∈ Bd ). 11) 156 Ball and Bolotnikov IEOT 3. 12) for some Schur function S ∈ Sd (E, E∗ ⊕ (⊕d1 E)): S(z) = E∗ S0 (z) : E→ , S1 (z) ⊕d1 E Z(z) = z1 IE ... zd IE . 13) Proof: The equivalence (1 ⇔ 2) follows from a more general fact that F is a contractive multiplier between two reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces H(K1 ) and H(K2 ) of functions analytic on a set Ω if and only if the kernel K2 (z, w) − F (z)K1 (z, w)F (w)∗ is positive on Ω.

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