700 Opening Traps by Bill Wall

By Bill Wall

A lurch into the pits of anxiety-losing in under 20 strikes. essentially the most vital a part of a chess online game for the novice chess participant is the hole. on the beginner point, so much video games are received or misplaced within the beginning via blunders or falling in a booklet seize. it is very important examine the openings and be aware of what traps and pitfalls may perhaps come up from a specific edition, both to spring it on an opponent or steer clear of a capture that your opponent is attempting to spring on you. This booklet illustrates brief video games to use bad starting procedure.

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B3 � d5 1 9 K xd5 with an excel­ lent position for White, Gligoric­ Conrady, Dublin 1 957) 1 6 a3 K c8 52 Classical Variation 44 B 1 7 '\t b3 �d5 1 8 l;l xd5 exd5 and now either 1 9 � d4 or 1 9 '\txd5, with very good compensation for the exchange. (2b) 14 . d5 1 5 * b l with a further branch: (2b I ) 15 . . a5 1 6 J..

Now White only needs to rip open the d-file by c4 to finish Black off. Although Spassky launches an ingenious counterat­ tack his inability to bring the h8 rook into the game enables Kar­ pov to repulse the threats. 18 K b8 19 b4 H b5 Black's only chance is to eliminate the deadly bishop. :! g5 After 22 24 � e3 �xe3 25 fxe3 •e5 26 dxc6+ fixc6 27 itd7+ White should win easily enough. 'e3 hxg5 gives Black four pawns and a tremendous at­ tack for the rook. 24 cxd5! 28 Scheveningen Variation Liquidating to a winning end­ ing.

H6 1 7 hxg5 hxg5 1 8 £ d6 offers White reasonable play for the pawn as Black's development is very difficult) 1 7 hxg5 1i. f5 1 8 � d 2 !! fc8 ( 1 8 . f6 was more 48 Classical Variation cautious) 1 9 c3 A e6 20

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