50 Ways the World Is Going to End: The Biggest Threats to by Alok Jha

By Alok Jha

Dying via Euphoria. Dysgenics. inhabitants loss of life Spiral. Genetic Superhumans. Geomagnetic Reversal. Galactic Collision. Strangelets. no matter if we adore it or no longer, everything's going to come back to a beautiful disagreeable halt on our planet sooner or later sooner or later. What we do not comprehend is what shape our extinction is probably going to take. during this available and exciting booklet, acclaimed author Alok Jha explains the head-spinning apocalyptic technological know-how at the back of 50 frightening doomsday situations.

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Putting contaminants into the food supply chain is even easier. Lawrence Wein and Yifan Liu from Stanford University, California, calculated the effects of someone pouring botulinum toxin into a milk tanker on its way to a holding tank. “Among bioterror attacks not involving genetic engineering, the three scenarios that arguably pose the greatest threats to humans are a smallpox attack, an airborne anthrax attack, and a release of botulinum toxin in cold drinks,” they wrote in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2005.

The police spokesman says that rooftops, roads, pavements and cars within several miles of the initial blast are now likely to be covered with caesium. Airconditioning units will have drawn some of the cancer-causing dust into buildings. He repeats the advice of the authorities, this time with even more urgency: seal your homes and stay indoors until further notice. In the days after the blast, you are asked to leave home while clean-up crews begin the task of making the city safe for human habitation.

Mass Extinction There is a disturbing secret about the fortune of life on Earth. It sits in the background as we marvel about the diversity of organisms we see around us today; about how some chemicals in a warm pond started to replicate billions of years ago and evolved, slowly, into trilobites, dinosaurs, trees, snails, grass, monkeys, mushrooms and humans. That secret is death. 5-billion-year history of life on Earth, of the 4 billion species that are thought to have ever existed, 99 percent are extinct.

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