101 Attacking Ideas in Chess: Aggressive Concepts from a by Joe Gallagher

By Joe Gallagher

Vital ebook with a clearty from well-known Gambit guides

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2Jb) Gelfand-Speelman, Las Vegas FIDE KO Web 1 999. Jon Speelman chose the re­ cent FIDE World Championship to make one of the biggest howlers of his career. , taking advantage of a pin to create kingside threats. d8+! lb:d8 the pin was no longer there and White sim­ ply removed the queen. xe5 ll:lxe5 21 'ii'xe4 Jon might have resigned in a less important tournament. Rook sacrifices are also an important tool in drawing the king out of his shelter: (2lc) Ivanchuk-Anand, Linares 1 998. xc2!. Perhaps you don't think such a move is standard but Anand certainly does.

27... c6 (28 ... d6 29 l:td2 leads to serious trouble on the d-file, while Anand believes that after 28 . xg2+ 30 llxg2 llc7 31 lLlg4! �h8 (White was threatening lLlf6+) 32 'ii'h 3! 'ii'd5 (the only way to stop White's breakthrough with g6 was to play 32 ... xh6! (even if you can't cal­ culate as accurately as Anand, this, or 34 lLlxh6, which also wins though less convinc­ ingly, is an easy move to find) 34 ... gxh6 35 g7+! xg7 (35 ... llxg7 36 llxf8+! xh6 38 'ii'g6 (3lf) 1-0. A beautifully controlled game from Anand.

G8-h7-g6 just so that the rook can take the h-file to the party. h8! f5! (22b). Made it! The white bishop now looks offside on d6 and with numerical superiority Black's attack is odds-on to succeed. C4 42 �1+ �g8 43 g5 b4! d3 l2Jc3! 45 �xb4. Now 45 ... axb4?? d8# is less accurate than... 45... 1ii'a2+!! (22c) 0-1. fl + mates. f5 ! it'a2+ ! 34 J OJ A TTACKING IDEAS IN CHESS Idea 23 - The King's Gam bit 23a: after 2 f4 The King's Gambit (KG) is my favourite opening. Before the database age I wouldn't dream of playing anything else against l ..

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