1001 Hunting Tips: The Ultimate Guide to Successfully Taking by Lamar Underwood

By Lamar Underwood

400 pages of field-tested, illustrated, top-notch searching tips!

No subject how expert a hunter you're immediately, amateur or professional, 1001 searching Tips will make you higher. writer and outdoorsman Lamar Underwood deals phrases of knowledge in this adrenaline-filled activity and has prepare a undying advisor on how you can enhance your searching ideas. inside those pages are priceless nuggets of searching lore and knowledge confirmed within the box. From deer stands to duck blinds to spruce forests and mountain levels the place undergo and moose roam, be guaranteed that 1001 searching Tips is a fantastic consultant that can assist you be the best hunter for each minute spent out at the box. Having undesirable success attempting to bag that whitetail dollar you will have so ardently? With 1001 looking Tips’s unique bonus assurance of whitetail deer searching, you’ll locate strategies to slot all sorts of deer searching terrain and situation—with gun and bow.

Upland video game and chook and waterfowl hunters will locate new, precious principles that may make luck within the box a standard prevalence. sizeable video game hunters who heed the decision of event will locate suggestion and abilities from those that have long past ahead of. And, after all, weapons and rather a lot are coated in each point of searching. a hundred black-and-white illustrations

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You might be on a deer stand at dawn and hear something shuffling your way, breaking sticks, making noise. Sounds like another hunter, except . . oh yes . . there was this tip you heard somewhere. About bucks sometimes making noise instead of sneaking in. You keep watching . . and then raise your gun. Yes! Sometimes, just the right tip is all you need to have a great day. Good luck! —Lamar Underwood CHAPTER 1 White-tailed Deer Hunting 1. Don’t Shoot Bucks That Look Insecure When you first see a buck, take a moment to check its posture.

104. Bang on a Root to Call in Deer Deer are curious animals, and you can use this characteristic to call them out of thick cover or within shooting range. One simple way to do so is to tap a tree root with a metal object such as a spent cartridge or a knife handle. If you’re well hidden and the woods are quiet, this unusual sound may cause any deer close enough to hear it to move. If you’re watching closely, you can spot this movement, then plan your shot or stalk accordingly. 105. Age a Buck by Looking at His Droppings Adult buck droppings are generally thicker, longer, and more clumped together in a single mass than are doe droppings.

91. Sit Your Stand in the Morning When Hunting Hot Weather Whitetails are more active than normal during the night when the weather is unseasonably warm, and will stay bedded down in well-shaded cover that’s close to a water source during the heat of the day. They may start moving again as the temperature starts dropping early in the evening, but when it’s really hot the air won’t begin to cool until well after darkness. The best time of the day to hunt deer during hot weather is during the first two hours of shooting light in the morning, when the air is coolest and you can catch your quarry moving from where they’ve been feeding to where they’ll bed during daylight.

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